The Security You Need, The Business Edge You Demand


The world has never been a more dangerous place to do business. When disaster strikes, which it will, you need to be ready. Organizational Resilience is your firm’s ability to prevent, survive, and recover from an unexpected event, whether it’s a natural disaster, a cyber attack, or anything else.

Enter Resiliam.

We supply comprehensive, holistic security solutions, tailored to your firm’s specific needs and priorities. Our expert consultants will train your team in globally recognized best practices, guide you through certification, and help you attain true organizational resilience.


Certification isn’t just a defensive measure—it’s a growth-tool. These days many major firms, particularly those subject to regulatory oversight, are insisting on third-party security audits of all potential suppliers.

If you hope to do business with those major firms—whether you’re a law firm, a healthcare startup, or a corporate accountancy—achieving compliance with internationally recognized standards gives you an immediate edge over your less well-protected competitors.

The services we offer include:


Over the last decade, we’ve become the market leader in the legal sector, helping over thirty AmLaw 200 firms upgrade their Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and achieve ISO 27001 certification. We’ve also taken dozens of clients, including those in healthcare and financial services, through hundreds of audits. Our success rate is 100%, with the vast majority of clients passing audit with zero non-compliance citations.